Member Truth


As a chapter we are fortunate.

Fortunate not only to have some of the most experienced professional in the industry as an active part of our membership;  but to also have a group of people willing to serve each other. In this day and age it is rare to see anyone who is willing to stop, even for a second, to help his fellow man. In today’s – hurry, hurry society – where everything is on such a tight time table, it is rare to see anyone willing to help. However within our chapter are individuals who are dedicated to the overall mission of the RCI.

So as a member you can make a choice. A choice to serve others, be active, help others and in-turn take advantage of decades of experience.  – Or you can choose to be what I call an “ornamental” member. You know a member who joins so they can say they are a part of the organization to empress others, but has no intention of being involved.    They just want to part of the RCI so they can tell their clients they are part of the organization. They may even flash the RCI logo around so there clients are impressed. But the truth be told, they never truly wanted to be involved.

So each member has to decide which type of member they want to be.

The fact is the chapter needs real members. Members who desire to be active so they can help others, and be helped. Members who aren’t afraid to share a few hours to help the greater good of the chapter. Members who look for ways to represent the values of the RCI organization. Members who are stepping into the game rather than just sitting on the sidelines.

So, tell me, where do you fall?